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Amazing stuff

Bought this for my husky when he got a minute shard of glass in his paw which swelled up badly. Within a couple of hours he could walk much easier, after 6 hrs no limping and the swollen lump was receding. Back to normal the next day running around like a lunatic as if nothing was wrong. The lump was barely there, all that was left was a tiny dot of blood where the glass had come out. Would highly recommend this product


Peter G


My dog had cut her paw well took the skin off like a friction burn. Tried everything to heal it without infection and 2 weeks later still the same.

Read the reviews about a lot of products thought that I would give this a go. OMG this stuff is amazing. Been using it for 4 days and the wound is nearly healed with no infection. I would highly recommend this.

Richard R

Use this on our Rotweiller who has a habit of nibbling his tail & back. This product soothes immediately so he leaves it alone & heals very quickly. I have tried other sprays & creams but nothing beats this so worth paying that little bit extra. Won't be bothering trying any other products. Dog likes it too!



Dog with very itchy feet, put this on and distracted her until dry, she stopped itching. Had to apply again next day but hopefully will break the cycle. Even going to try on my friends eczema!

Did what it said on the tin.

It save me lots money I was going to the vets costing lots money and was not working then I saw skin healer I find it working same day 10\10 I will buy again

Lisa B


Bought this from a dog festival and it was brilliant. Excellent value and it really works, my dog has sore itchy skin, this sorted it within 24 hours - nothing else i have tried has worked now going to try the entire range!

Fran D

Worked really well.

Our dog got a yeast infection and his pads and belly were red raw and he could not walk and was just miserable after looking online we decided to try this largely due to being fairly priced, after applying he instantly stopped chewing his pads! And about a day after I was greeted by him running through the garden like nothing was ever wrong!! Amazing product.

John F

Brilliant Skin Healer Product!!!

Used this for the first time last night, my dog had made a real mess of her pad, I cannot believe how much better it now is after this short time. Highly recommended.

Rachel D

Lovely Spray and Go Smell!!

I love the smell it gives especially if your beloved pooch has been out in the rain, just dry your dog and spray all over.

John F

Excellent product

My bulldog is too heavy to lift into bath. She has occasional visits to pro groomer, this is wonderful to keep her fresh in between

Andy P

Excellent Spray and Go shampoo

smells lovely and keeps their coats shiny and clean

This product makes my dog smell good all the time. Exactly what we need and saves the hassle of weekly baths with the peace of mind that my pup is clean! Love the smell

V. King