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How it Works​

The core technology powering all of our Dr. Doggy products is a non-toxic anti-microbial solution that kills harmful bacteria and viruses on contact and keeps on working to give long lasting protection on fur, skin, surfaces and textiles and kills potentially harmful germs and protects against unwanted skin conditions that may be aggravated by bacteria and viruses. 

Dr. Doggy products form a covalent bond at a molecular level to create “Active Shield Protection” that works brilliantly when applied to your dog’s skin, fur, surfaces, fabrics and textiles. 

Why dr. doggy?

Through a silane carrier, our clever, patented chemistry ensures that each of these substrates is then positively charged by a nitrogen molecule which pulls in all negatively charged bacteria that are present, kills the microbe dead and makes it completely harmless to your dog.

No more bad odours – caused by pesky bacteria and viruses – and say goodbye to unwanted skin problems.

Our technology works as a mild antiseptic to sooth and sterilise the problem area and then provides “Active Shield Protection” to keep the area clean and protected and this in turn promotes rapid healing and recovery.