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About Dr. Doggy

Dr. Doggy is a one-stop and all-inclusive health care solution for your best friends. We aim to provide a healthier well-being for your dog which we achieve through our special, safe, and patented, water-based formula that creates an Active Shield Protection that provides ultimate hygiene.

All products in the Dr. Doggy line feature a non-toxic anti-microbial solution which prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from adhering to fur, skin, surfaces, and textiles for long-term protection. This solution also kills potentially harmful germs and provides protection against unwanted skin conditions. Dr. Doggy prevents, protects, and treats your doggies!

The Ultimate Hygiene Solution Your Dog Needs

We don’t believe in masking unwanted odours with false fragrances. Since bad odour is a sign that something is wrong, all Dr. Doggy products work to eliminate the root cause of the problem by destroying bacteria or viruses, then providing Active Shield Protection for long-lasting protection and preventing it from occurring again. 

By addressing the cause of a bad odour, we de-odourise rather than simply re-odourising. Our products are designed and developed keeping in mind the long-lasting protection that can help provide ultimate solutions for your dog’s health and hygiene.