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Products to Protect your Dog

A Little Bit about us

Our products contain a safe, patented, water-based formula that creates “Active Shield Protection” for ultimate hygiene. Use them to protect, treat and guard against problematic skin, itchy and smelly fur, stinky surfaces, bedding and even dog laundry.
Dr. Doggy provides a complete all-round, every day healthcare solution for dog owners that not only keeps your pet hygienic but keeps everything around them odour–free and sanitised at the same time.

Why dr. doggy?

The chemistry is clever. It’s water-based, but very long-lasting due to a unique bonding method that means no matter what the application – it works fast and keeps on working.

In short, the products provide an all-round healthcare solution that gives your pet long-lasting protection and keeps them in tip top condition and everything around them odour–free and sanitised.